USmooth Styling Iron 1.5 inch

Brand: USmooth
Size:1.25 inch
Availability:In Stock
  • $140.00

Available in 1 inch and 1.5 inch widths. 

Built with you in mind, the lightweight ergonomic design minimizes strain and fatigue.

The bi-metal thermostat control system shuts the iron off for 30-40 minutes if the iron reaches 464 degrees, returning it to a safe temperature- other flat irons will blow their thermal fuse. It's 1000 hour life lasts approximately 600 hours longer than traditional flat irons.

Adjustable temperature control goes up to 450 degrees with a digital temperature display.

The innovative design includes 1.5 inch beveled titanium coated plates for maximum slip, quick performance, and styling ease. 

Rapid recovery time is perfect for everyday straightening and styling. The professional, non-tangle cord is tangle-free, ideal for curling.

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